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Arsenal is leading the Premier League table currently with 60 points in 25 matches. They have won 19 matches so far, 3 drawn and 3 lost. With 13 games remaining and 5 points clear of 2nd placed Manchester City, it seems very likely this might be their year.

Its been over 19 years (2003/05) since they won Premier League title last time. An invincible season which was and is remembered to this date with record breaking unbeaten run. Stars like Thuram, Theiry Henry were prominent part of this invincible team under Arsene Wenger. But who’s at the center spot this time 19 years after? Bukayo Saka seems to be a center piece amongst all other young performers for Arsenal this season.

21 year old, Saka with 19 goals contribution in 25 games so far has been clinical for Arsenal. The Englishman has had major contributions in some of the crucial wins this season against teams like Manchester City. He has a great opportunity to help his team win Premier League title this season and even have an impact in their European run this season. He surely has been a breath of fresh air for Arsenal fans after a long time, and has all potential to be one of the greats of the club with time and age being on his side. Besides Saka, Martin Ødegaard from Norway, and Gabriel Martinelli from Brazil are matching him in numbers with major goals contributions. Norwegian has 15 goals contribution (9 goals, 6 assists) and Brazil has 13 goals contribution (11 goals, 2 assists) this season so far behind Saka.

With 13 games remaining and 5 points lead, its probable that they might go on win the title this year after 19 years. They are yet to face Liverpool, Chelsea and Brighton in their return leg fixture this season which could be really decisive in regards to title race.

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